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Social media is all about the buzz, it’s all about initiating conversations and interacting with people using microblogs, message boards, online chats, podcasts, video, photo sharing sites and virtual worlds. Social media tools can help writers reach interested parties and break through the constant marketing clamour to create a friendlier, more intimate relationship with readers. It’s not a panacea and cannot guarantee sales, but if it is used as part of an overall strategy  – which must include networking in person – readership will grow.


Virtual Writers has helped raise the profile of independent writers working through modern social media to distribute their work and to connect to their readers. Through writing for the site and through posting via its Facebook presence, it’s helped me personally to reach a larger audience and to feel part of a larger community of 21st century writers.” Huck Hax, Author and Poet

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Beggar’s Velvet publishes new poetry twice a year and is edited by Andrea Pring, Huck Hax and Kassy Fatooh.

We aim to reveal the writer within by publishing tantalising glimpses of experimental and speculative literary leg. We seek well-constructed poems, either metrical or formal, or outstanding free form. We particularly enjoy writing that challenges the mainstream political and social viewpoint.

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500 Word Snatch Challenge

Does the thought of writing a full length novel fill you with dread? It’s easy to feel despondent when you consider the commitment and time required – particularly when you’re juggling a family and a full time job – but the truth is you can make a long story short by taking small disciplined steps every day. As Jack London said,  “You can’t wait for inspiration. You have to go after it with a club”.

"I can’t describe Virtual Writers any other way except exceptional. "

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