NaNoWriMo Locker Room Chat: Day 15 with Zoe Ocelot

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NaNo-2015-Participant-Badge-Large-SquareUse it In Our Art: A Pep Talk for Midway

It’s Midway Day. Half of November is gone, half lies ahead. What do you say? Write on, or write it off?

Maybe we should quit while we’re ahead? Be practical? Because in Week 2 all our car’s trouble lights came on at once, our kids came down with a severe health thing, and a previously-unmet skeleton danced rattlingly out of the family closet to leer into our nightmares, so our sleep is less, and the demands on us are more, than ever before. Yep, that was Week 2.

Now we face the onslaught of Week 3 with urgent matters needing our attention. How important is NaNoWriMo, anyhow? If we’re really going to write a novel, we can do that in December. Now is simply not a good time.

Good. So we’re going to write off NaNo. What a relief! Step away from that keyboard. Fix the car, heal the kids, put the skeleton to rest, and clear out time in our schedule to write, after November is over.  December 1st, when all is calm and all is bright, take a deep breath, open a fresh document, touch fingertips to keyboard and we know what will happen, right?


New trouble lights will flash to life on our car’s dash, our kids will be sick all over, and we’ll find out about that other time way back in the family closet.  That’s life. Life is going to happen every time we try to write, anyhow, so we might as well write on, right now. All those imperiled people and impossible situations from life? They are material for the characters and scenes in our novels. We’ll use it in our art.

Write on, my friends, right on into the finish.

Zoe Ocelot



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