Virtual Writers has helped raise the profile of independent writers working through modern social media to distribute their work and to connect to their readers. Through writing for the site and through posting via its Facebook presence, it’s helped me personally to reach a larger audience and to feel part of a larger community of 21st century writers.” Huck Hax, Author and Poet

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Ciar Cullen“I’m thrilled my Publisher chose Virtual Writers for my book tour. The book is so dear to me, and it deserved a good tour, but I had no idea where to begin. For an introvert and not great self-promoter, Andrea and her team made it incredibly painless. Everything was so well organized, with great instructions and tips on how to approach each “stop.” The tour garnered some fabulous reviews and visibility I never could have gotten on my own.

Andrea kept the momentum going, making the interactions fun and, I think, fun for the readers as well. I felt free to promote in a way that was true to my personality and my book, and I didn’t lift a finger when it came to collecting entries for prizes, etc. Questions were answered promptly, and there was a good deal of hand-holding, I’m grateful and a little embarrassed to admit. Even if my publisher were to stop booking Virtual Writers, I would commission them myself for my next release! A fabulous, professional company. Don’t hesitate to let them help you market that book of your heart.” Ciar Cullen, Romance Author

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Virtual Writers holds a daily Writers’ Dash exercise that benefits both students and writers by expanding their knowledge of the English language.

By drawing from personal reservoirs of knowledge, each writer gains insight into his or her world view. The ongoing exchange of dialogue and support at the dash helps improve the self-confidence that so many writers need. Through the absorption of content found in each other’s writings, participants fuel one another’s progress while at the same time garnering value by observing a multitude of individual writing styles.

Within the constraints of a 15 minute time limit, writers are faced with the challenges of composition: form, word usage as well as content.  They must make decisions about the tone of their writing, the delivery of their words, and at the same time be mindful that others will read what they have written. With the option to post their Dash pieces to the Virtual Writers blog, there is an immediacy of exposure which can benefit writers and that engenders confidence amongst peers.

Also, by making writing habit-forming, the daily Dash supports a diet rich in creative writing. Writing on a daily basis instills discipline, while at the same time this routine allows an immense inborn quality to emerge. Writing gives many lives new meaning. I’m sure you will find that exploring creative avenues will allow you to delve into depths which cannot be explored in the confines of reality.

And after a period of time writing in this way, many people find that they have amassed quite a large diary of their own work, much of which can be edited and reworked for the purposes of self-publishing.” Ginger Jorgental, Poet

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941375_10201016693079957_1991601024_n“Milk Wood, a home for writers in Second Life®, was undoubtedly named for the small Welsh fishing village immortalized by Dylan Thomas in his radio play, Under Milk Wood. Our virtual Milk Wood shares the craggy charm, crashing waves, stone cottages and Medieval churches of Dylan’s romantic childhood reminiscence. And like Dylan’s Milk Wood, ours is populated with villagers who share a keen ear for language and a passion for telling stories. Second Life® attracts artists since it is a place that both nourishes and challenges the imagination. Milk Wood does both these things for writers.

I’ve attended Milk Wood poetry readings, daily dashes, and the intense annual NaNoWriMo event in November. Milk Wood provides a forum for interacting with other writers, both newbies and published professionals, and a place to promote books and literary events. Last, but not least, it’s a place to write alone with others. It’s possible to join a writing circle and set your avatar to work at a computer while you type away on a real world project. There’s always someone to offer encouragement, sympathy or advice when you hit a snag or need a break. And, of course, when the well of inspiration runs dry, it’s helpful to stand on a craggy cliff and watch waves break on the shore.” Patricia Averbach, Poet and Author

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I’m very pleased to say that my last blog tour was the best one I’ve ever had. I came across Virtual Writers on the internet and really liked the professional look of their site and the services they offered. After biting the bullet and committing to the tour, I’m glad to say that I wasn’t disappointed. I loved working with Andie Pring and her team. It was a polished and hands on service that left no doubt as to what you were getting. It was delivered on time, professionally and always with a virtual smile.

Questions posed to Virtual Writers were always responded to, quickly and efficiently. They just made it so easy to be pulled along on the promotional side like the proverbial little engine steaming up the hill. Other tours I’ve done were simply restricted to being hosted on various blogging sites with either a guest post, a spotlight or a review. Virtual Writers offered all of this and more. The key to their site to me is ‘interaction’. The variety of things I got involved in such as the wonderful book trailer they created, the constant prompts to enter into dialogue with readers, and the Twitter chat session were just some of the things we did. Readers interacted, posted comments on the different blogs and the blog hosts themselves were true champions. They were always on hand to offer support.

I not only got some wonderful reviews from these bloggers, but made some good virtual friends as well.

I liked it so much that I’ve now asked my publisher to change my blog tour host to Andie and her team for all future releases. I have another two releases this year and I’m looking forward to working with Virtual Writers on both of them.” Best-selling author, Susan Mac Nicol 

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“A Second Life® friend told me about the Milk Wood Writer’s Group. When I first began to participate, everyone was welcoming and considerate. I’ve loved participating!!

The people who come to Milk Wood to write each day are absolutely wonderful. Some ongoing stories sit in the attic of my mind waiting for the next day’s episode. 

Thank you so very much for offering Milk Wood’s writing activities and for the beautiful settings in every part of your sim!  It’s a LOT of work!” Fran Russell, former teacher


“I can’t describe Andie Pring and Virtual Writers any other way except exceptional. A+ Service, even for an F writer like me.

Andie Pring is everything I’m not: organized, connected, and sexy. Well, I’m not discombobulated, but don’t have her connections.

Andie Pring is first class, even when working with a second-class citizen like myself. BTW, in high school, I always skipped the first class.

Virtual Writers caters to three types of writers: great writers, good writers, and me. It’s good to be bad—especially when I’m great at it. ”  Jarod Kintz, Humor Writer 

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