What is Milk Wood?

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Milk Wood is the celtic-themed, 3d home of Virtual Writers. Here we learn to experiment with the Second Life® platform to cultivate our craft, develop literary poise, and establish a strong, unique voice.

The Stone Circle – our stone circle monument is used as a stage and performance arena for book and poetry readings. Take a wander around the standing stones and forested areas for a unique, immersive experience.

The Writers’ Camp – our twice-daily Writers’ Dashes are held at the writers’ camp; a delightful woodland spot that is fully equipped with typewriters and desks.  You’ll also find a selection of writer’s cabins adjacent to the camp and these are available for rent.

Dead Wood Book Fayre portrays the fayres of yesteryear and is ideal if you have books or events that you want to publicize. We can create replica book covers and display them for you as a virtual book; anyone clicking on the book will be directed to either your website or your seller’s page. This is a unique and very effective way of promoting your work.

The Celtic Writer’s Cottages at Milk Wood are also available for rent. These can be used as a base for your online writing sessions, or a place for you to display your writing and art. Many of our tenants have been with us for years but we welcome all newcomers.

Writers’ Displays – the carpet-covered carts and wagons are used to display the work of our members and are available for rent.

Special Events Held at Milk Wood

March Poetry Festival

An exhibition of work and readings from Second Life®’s most prominent poets. Held the last weekend of March.

NaNoWriMo Support

A veritable calendar of delights – offered annually during National Novel Writing Month – write-ins, inspirational workshops, pep talks and articles from successful authors.

VW Workshops

A month-long selection of creative workshops designed to toss participants head first into the process of writing. Held throughout November.

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